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Delicious by Design

Attention to every minute detail is our way of creating a truly Decadent experience. Our iconic flavours are known worldwide and have won numerous awards for over a decade. We produce each drop of juice with love and independently test each batch for any impurities. Our flavours are so delicious you might get carried away.

Decadent Vapours - Bluebarb - 10ML Aroma DV
A grandiose cosmic cloud of robust rhubarb and boisterous blueberry finished with a dollop of icecream. A novel flavour that even Count Bluebarb himself approves of.

“The Blueberry just adds such a different twist to the rhubarb, what an epic combination” 
DECADENT VAPOURS - Blueberry Jam Welsh Cake - 10ML AROMA DV
At Decadent Vapours we are proud to be Welsh, so to celebrate St. David’s Day 2020 we crafted an flavour based on the most popular cake in Wales, the Welsh cake and gave it a fruity twist.

Blueberry Jam Welsh Cake is a brilliant vape for dessert lovers. The sharpness of blueberry jam compliments the buttery Welsh cake base with a sprinkling of sugar to sweeten it all up. Yum!