Parfumer's Apprentice -Pineapple(Ananas) Aroma TFA
A very natural pineapple flavor - not like canned pineapple. This flavor can vary in color. ** This is a very strong flavor. For costumers using plastic-based equipment with this flavor, please note that we have heard reports of this flavor causing damage to some kinds of plastics. Exercise caution and start with lower concentrations if using plastic.
Parfumer's Apprentice -Ripe Banana (Banan) Aroma TFA
This banana is more like a true ripe banana than our Banana Cream. Try it at 12-15% Those customers who like strong flavors might go to 20%

*Note: this flavor might be hard on certain soft plastics.

Partially water soluble - this flavor is not as water soluble as our other flavors.
Perfumers Apprentice Pear (Pære) Aroma TFA
This is a concentrated Pear flavor with a natural taste. It is really difficult to get a true pear taste that is concentrated, so this is as close as we could come. Sometimes this flavor can separate a bit, this is normal.