Menthol And Mint

Perfumers Apprentice  Koolada 10% Aroma TFA
Koolada is used specifically to give that "cold" feeling at the back of the mouth.
It does not really have a 'taste', but it can be used in conjunction with menthol.
Flavor West Aroma Natural Spearmint (Mynte) FW
Natural spearmint flavor is a refreshing minty flavoring that is sure to tantalize your senses of taste. This cool and sweet flavor adds a delicious taste to your favorite drinks and baking recipes. Get an unexpected twist that freshens up your recipes. No artificial sweeteners. 
Bolsjehuset Aroma *Cool Mint*BH
Cool-Mint aroma is a delicious mint aroma from Bolsjehuset that gives the same taste in the red and white polka pigs from Sweden. This aroma gives you a breath of freshness in your mouth

NOTE: The aroma has NO color (clear)
Jungle Flavors - Mint -Aroma
The refreshing and sweet taste of Mint by Jungle Flavors provides a cooling sensation to any recipe. Try some Mint on its own to add a fresh aftertaste, or combine it with chocolate, coffee or dessert flavors to make a mint recipe.

Suggested use of 2%, then adjust to taste.
Try this versatile flavor in your next DIY recipe today!