Tea, Soda And Liqueur Flavors

Perfumers Apprentice Absinthe (Absint) Aroma TFA
This is a wonderful blend of anise notes that closely resembles the original "Green" liqueur of Paris long ago. It has hints of Anise along with other natural flavors. Of course, it has no "active" ingredients, this is just a flavor.
Perfumers Apprentice Cola Aroma TFA
This is a very true cola syrup taste - reminiscent of old-fashioned Soda Fountains. All you need is Club soda and you'd have yourself a tasty drink!
Capella Aroma-Pina Colada-V2-CAP
Incredible taste of one of the most famous sweet cocktails called Pina Colada- (taste of light rum, coconut milk and pineapple juice).

Version 2