Tobacco And Wood Flavors

Parfumer's Apprentice -Tobacco (Tobak) Aroma TFA
This is a new tobacco flavor, that is more like a cigarette. It is a blend of natural ingredients, and it is a good starting base for use either as is, or with the addition of other flavors.This is the flavor for you if you are looking for that "floral" note that appears in some tobacco flavors. This is a rose-type floral note. But if you do not care for that rather perfumey floral note, this is not the blend for you! We do know that some fans of this flavor can't detect any floral note at all, while some other customers say the floral note is strong.
FlavourArt - Dark Vapure - aroma - ORIGINALEMALLAGE
Dark Vapure Tobacco Flavor is strong and dark, with a hint of cocoa. Use this flavor by itself, or combine it with other flavors to develop a unique DIY recipe. Tastes great to add strength to other earthy flavors. You may also want to try adding hints of chocolate, cola, cherry, or vanilla to give it a sweeter undertone.