Flavourart - (FA)

Based in Italy, FlavourArt Liquid has established itself as one of the leading aroma producers since they started up back in 2006. Italy has long been known for their capabilities in the kitchen, and their great focus on good taste, which is possibly why , that FlavorArt's aromas have become so popular around the world. 

FlavourArt - Honey (Honning)-ORIGINALEMALLAGE FA
Honey is a sweet flavor with floral undertones that tastes great both by itself or mixed with other flavors in a DIY recipe. A staple in any properly stocked spice cabinet, honey mixes well with tea, coffee, tobacco and dessert flavors. You can also use it to sweeten up fruit flavors like apple and pear.
FlavourArt - Marshmallow - aroma - ORIGINALEMALLAGE FA
Marshmallow is a campfire classic with a soft and sweet flavor and subtle aftertaste. Use Marshmallow by itself for its subtle sweetness, or mix it with dessert, chocolate, citrus or fruit flavors in your DIY recipe. If you're feeling really adventurous, try adding a dash of it to a rum or whisky flavor to subtly reduce its bitterness.
FlavourArt - Raspberry (Hindbær) - ORIGINALEMALLAGE FA
Raspberry offers a delicious not too sweet and not too tart flavor to your eliquid vaping arsenal, with just a hint of dryness. This flavor is delicious on its own for those days when you aren't sure how much sweetness you want in your fruit vape. Combined with other flavors in a eliquid recipe, Raspberry tastes delicious with cream, chocolate, soda, fruit, and dessert flavors. A must have flavor for the mixing master who wants to add flavor without adding to much sweetness
FlavourArt - Amber- aroma - ORIGINALEMALLAGE FA
Amber is a warm and smooth flavor with a hint of fresh fruit and a delicate sourness in the aftertaste. Liquid Amber tastes great by itself, or in combination with earthy flavors. If you love margaritas, you will love this flavor, and you can include it in your DIY recipe to complement citrus, fruit, and floral flavors.