Parfumer's Apprentice -Pineapple(Ananas) Aroma TFA
A very natural pineapple flavor - not like canned pineapple. This flavor can vary in color. ** This is a very strong flavor. For costumers using plastic-based equipment with this flavor, please note that we have heard reports of this flavor causing damage to some kinds of plastics. Exercise caution and start with lower concentrations if using plastic.
LorAnn "Pineapple" Aroma
What's not to love about Pineapple? Reminiscent of the islands! Enhance a basic vanilla frosting with our Pineapple Flavoring ( also known as Candy Flavoring Oil) and suddenly, your good cake tastes great. Imagine the possibilities! 
FlavourArt - Pineapple (Ananas) - ORIGINALEMALLAGE FA
Pineapple: A delicious tropical flavor known the world over, the sweet and tart taste of Pineapple gives your vaping experience a fruity kick when used by itself. When combined with other eliquids, Pineapple's unique flavor complements cream, fruit, citrus, and dessert flavors. For a real treat, try it with cola or rum!