Capella Aroma -Harvest Berry- CAP
As soon as you taste this irresistible aroma of Capella, you will end up in the woods between the green trees. Try the sweetness of the forest berries like never before now ...
Capella Aroma-Black Currant-Silverline-CAP
This European favorite has a sweet taste unlike other berries. Fresh gooseberries and passion fruit raspberries, mix with the floral aromatic notes of carnations and roses. This sharp, refreshing berry bite - is the international berry sensation!

-Silverline series-
LorAnn "Blueberry" Aroma
Think of family picnics with homemade blueberry pies or breakfasts with blueberry pancakes or muffins. Add our Blueberry, Natural flavor to other family favorites such as crispy cereal treats or salt water taffy. The possibilites are endless.
Decadent Vapours - Bluebarb - 10ML Aroma DV
A grandiose cosmic cloud of robust rhubarb and boisterous blueberry finished with a dollop of icecream. A novel flavour that even Count Bluebarb himself approves of.

“The Blueberry just adds such a different twist to the rhubarb, what an epic combination”