List of products by brand The Flavour Apprentice) - (TFA)

Parfumer's Apprentice -Pineapple(Ananas) Aroma TFA
A very natural pineapple flavor - not like canned pineapple. This flavor can vary in color. ** This is a very strong flavor. For costumers using plastic-based equipment with this flavor, please note that we have heard reports of this flavor causing damage to some kinds of plastics. Exercise caution and start with lower concentrations if using plastic.
Parfumer's Apprentice -Ripe Banana (Banan) Aroma TFA
This banana is more like a true ripe banana than our Banana Cream. Try it at 12-15% Those customers who like strong flavors might go to 20%

*Note: this flavor might be hard on certain soft plastics.

Partially water soluble - this flavor is not as water soluble as our other flavors.
Parfumer's Apprentice -Tobacco (Tobak) Aroma TFA
This is a new tobacco flavor, that is more like a cigarette. It is a blend of natural ingredients, and it is a good starting base for use either as is, or with the addition of other flavors.This is the flavor for you if you are looking for that "floral" note that appears in some tobacco flavors. This is a rose-type floral note. But if you do not care for that rather perfumey floral note, this is not the blend for you! We do know that some fans of this flavor can't detect any floral note at all, while some other customers say the floral note is strong.
Perfumers Apprentice Orange Cream Bar Aroma TFA
The taste of  a creme-filled orange popsicle! This flavor is similar to the Orange Cream Flavor, but is designed to avoid the use of ethyl alcohol as a base, so it does not have any shipping restrictions. It also has a brighter, more natural orange taste!
Perfumers Apprentice Sweet Cream Aroma TFA
A light cream, very useful for blending with other ingredients. this is called sweet cream, but it is not really that sweet, but can lend an all-around milky character to other ingredients.